Website Fails! (Let's Not)

Graphics, Video, and Audio

  • Our logo is a bad scan of a business card.
  • The logo is not on the top of every page and clicking it doesn't lead the user back to the home page.
  • Our site uses bad clip art instead of good-quality web graphics.
  • Instead of using Photoshop (or other graphics program) to make our image a 72dpi web graphic; we take a 1200 x 800 pixel photo and manually change the width - height attributes of the IMG tag to a smaller size in our web software.
  • We use graphics that detract from the page and are used as text.
  • We automatically load movies instead of using YouTube's method of only showing movies when people click.
  • We use "Under Construction" graphics.
  • We have an ugly color scheme (red and green, for example).
  • Our shopping cart symbol doesn't look like a shopping cart or bag.
  • Our site uses animated GIFs, animated divider bar, 3-D graphics, gradient images, beveled images, images with exaggerated shadows and/or flashing graphics that might cause seizures.
  • We use a background graphic that repeats itself on large-screen monitors.
  • Our background graphic doesn't contrast well against the text, making it hard to read.
  • Our site's graphics are confusing, they look like ads.
  • We use moving graphics, falling snowflakes, flying birds rendered by DHTML.
  • We don't use color to convey meaning: I.E. red text signifies "this is important."
  • We have blocks of ugly colors next to each other (purple next to neon green).
  • Each page is one big image-map instead of real, live text.
  • Music plays on every page automatically - and we are not a music website.


x-SITE-d Studio, located in Dallas, Texas, works primarily with small, and start-up businesses, guilds, organizations, and HOAs.

We create and update websites, html emails, SEO, print products including: business & post cards, brochures, lines sheet and more.

All work is created in-house; nothing is outsourced. American owners, American employees.



Services Offered

  • - Web Design and Planning
    - Web Sites New and Updated
    - HTML Emails
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Business and Postcards
    - Brochures
    - Linesheets
    - Flyers/Announcements
    - Product Tags/Labels
    - Flash Animation
    - Logo Design

Client Testimonials

  • "What can I say except: YOU ROCK, X-SITE-D! My new website is everything that I dreamed, and lightyears more! Annie gave me guidance and insight so that the copy put forth the most appealing presentation of my firm's philosophy and practice." -- Corinne Corley