Website Fails! (Let's Not)

Text and Links

  • We mix and match content text sizes, different fonts, and colors on the page.
  • We requires people to have special (unusual) fonts on their computers to correctly view our text.
  • Visitors can't read our text because it's too small.
  • We USE LOTS OF WORDS IN ALL-CAPS and scrolling, blinking, fading, or moving text.
  • We center text on more than just headlines.
  • We use lots of justified text. (This belongs on newpaper columns - not websites)
  • We use fonts that are not appropriate for our audience: Comic Sans on a professional business website such as for an attorney or banker.
  • We have text in the status bar - moving Javascript text. (That was so 1995!)
  • We have too much or too little text on a page.
  • Our site uses underlined text. (Only links should be underlined.)
  • Our site has sideways text.
  • We have too many links in one area or on one page.
  • There are lots of dead links to frustrate people clicking on them.
  • We have no 404 page - or a custom one to match the rest of the website..
  • We have complex URLs.
  • We have links consisting of 10-20 words.
  • Our links are not informative. "Click here" instead of "Click for the activity schedule list".


x-SITE-d Studio, located in Dallas, Texas, works primarily with small, and start-up businesses, guilds, organizations, and HOAs.

We create and update websites, html emails, SEO, print products including: business & post cards, brochures, lines sheet and more.

All work is created in-house; nothing is outsourced. American owners, American employees.



Services Offered

  • - Web Design and Planning
    - Web Sites New and Updated
    - HTML Emails
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Business and Postcards
    - Brochures
    - Linesheets
    - Flyers/Announcements
    - Product Tags/Labels
    - Flash Animation
    - Logo Design

Client Testimonials

  • "Annie Wilson, of x-SITE-d, has been our Web person from the first moment we became aware of the Internet. At that time, we were greatly in need of ground-up web help: technical advice, and definitions of all those esoteric web-terms for which we were completely unfamiliar." -- Michele Hester