All About x-SITE-d

X-SITE-d was started back in 1997 when the public Internet was slowly moving beyond its infancy. We could never have imagined what the future held!

When you trust your business to x-SITE-d, you are considered part of our family, not an anonymous account number. We will always treat your business as if it were our own.



Our job is to not only make your business look good, but to help your business be successful. By helping you become successful, we become successful.

Reciprocity at its finest.

Call us at 972-240-0187 or email us to get started today.

Ann Wilson, founder of x-SITE-d
Ann Wilson, Founder

What We Do

We are a small woman-owned business that specializes working with start-ups, small businesses, groups & organizations in creating branding, marketing and advertising materials - for both web and print.

Web Services

- Websites planning and design

- Websites new and revised

- HTML emails

- Search Engine Optimization

- Website maintenance

- E-commerce websites

Print Services

- Business and Postcards

- Brochures and Linesheets

- Letterhead

- Logos (print and web)

- Flyers/Announcements

- Product Tags/Labels


Flash & Illustration

Mike Stanfill has been in the illustration business for over 36 years. He's our illustration, logo and Flash guru! In addition, he also works on websites and on all print projects.

We Are Your Local Resource

Your work is never out-sourced to other companies or overseas; x-SITE-d does not partner with anyone. We must keep American workers working, and we're doing our small part to help.

Ann Wilson

Has been in various forms of the creative industry for over 35 years. When she's not attached to a keyboard, you'll find Ann buried in a book and most likely surrounded by her five (yes five) fur-kids.


x-SITE-d Studio, located in Dallas, Texas, works primarily with small, and start-up businesses, guilds, organizations, and HOAs.

We create and update websites, html emails, SEO, print products including: business & post cards, brochures, lines sheet and more.

All work is created in-house; nothing is outsourced. American owners, American employees.



Services Offered

  • - Web Design and Planning
    - Web Sites New and Updated
    - HTML Emails
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Business and Postcards
    - Brochures
    - Line sheets
    - Flyers/Announcements
    - Product Tags/Labels
    - Flash Animation
    - Logo Design

Client Testimonials

  • "Annie Wilson, of x-SITE-d, has been our Web person from the first moment we became aware of the Internet. At that time, we were greatly in need of ground-up web help: technical advice, and (especially in the beginning) definitions of all those esoteric web-terms for which we were completely unfamiliar." -- Michele Hester