Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked many questions about websites, html emails, marketing and advertising materials, and print extras. Below are our top questions and answers. Hopefully yours will be among them, but if not, send us an email.

What do I need to create a website?

You need a Domain Name (IE:, a Web Host (where your website lives), and the content (information, photos etc) for your website to be built. We can help you with the domain name, hosting and Shopping Cart system.

How do we get you the website content and photos?

The best way is digital files - either via email, put on a thumbdrive or burned to a CD/DVD and mailed to us.

I created my logo in Word clip art, is that okay?

Your logo is telling people who you are, it needs to show you're a real business. Clip art is not going to convey that. We have someone that can create a great looking logo for you at an excellent price.

I can barely turn my computer on, can you still work with me?

Of course! We've worked with people with no computer skills all the way up to professionals, this is not a problem. We'll take it step-by-step.

We need a "landing page" for an ad we're running, do you do those?

We sure do. A landing page is an expanded, more detailed version of your ad.

We get fancy emails with pictures, can you do that for our business?

Those are HTML emails, and we do them for many of our clients; we usually use a service like Vertical Response to keep the email lists and send them out.

What about business cards and a brochure to match?

Oh yes we can help you with that, and recommend our favorite printer too; great work, fast turn-around, and excellent pricing. Our services include many options for print materials for your business and association.

How long does everything take?

That depends on a number of things: deciding on a 'look', getting all the finished copy/content, photos etc. to us in a timely matter, any ecommerce we might have to set up, having your hosting account ready, and a few other issues. One month or less is the usual time frame for a regular website.

Can I update the website myself?

We aren't currently working with CMS (Content management systems), haven't found one we really like. Most times, unless you plan on doing major content updates every week, it's far easier to just have us do them. We only invoice for time spent (1 hour minimum) doing the work. No maintanence contracts to get locked into. If you would like, we can quote you a price for a website created in Wordpress, that will allow you to update the site yourself.

What does all this cost?

We offer 3 different packages and also custom quote many jobs, that way you don't pay for more then you really need. On average, a 5-page website (no ecommerce), an online form if requested, with custom artwork will run you around $495 USD; that includes all the basic SEO structure. Learn more about our rates here.



x-SITE-d Studio, located in Dallas, Texas, works primarily with small, and start-up businesses, guilds, organizations, and HOAs.

We create and update websites, html emails, SEO, print products including: business & post cards, brochures, lines sheet and more.

All work is created in-house; nothing is outsourced. American owners, American employees.



Services Offered

  • - Web Design and Planning
    - Web Sites New and Updated
    - HTML Emails
    - Search Engine Optimization
    - Business and Postcards
    - Brochures
    - Linesheets
    - Flyers/Announcements
    - Product Tags/Labels
    - Flash Animation
    - Logo Design

Client Testimonials

  • "Annie Wilson, of x-SITE-d, has been our Web person from the first moment we became aware of the Internet. At that time, we were greatly in need of ground-up web help: technical advice, and definitions of all those esoteric web-terms for which we were completely unfamiliar." -- Michele Hester