x-SITE-d Client List

A few wanted the website set-up as a template for them to play with, others needed the whole website created. We maintain many, handle major updates for others, even had a techno-savvy client maintain their entire website. With being around over 26-years, some of these businesses have retired.

Websites, html emails, ads, brochures, business promotional and post cards, flyers, political handouts, and so much more over the years.

Newest Websites and Print Work
  1. Gilchrist Art; responsive website
  2. Liberal Atheist Comic; responsive parallax website, Facebook page, Youtube, Instagram & Twitter
  3. DWF Siding and Patio; responsive website
  4. Tacky Annie' Fabulous Fineries; responsive website with Shopify, FaceBook page, Instagram
  5. Wildly Wonderful Wearables; responsive website, web ads, print ads, html emails
  6. Stitch 'Em Up; responsive website ,print ads, logo, web ads, html emails
  7. Dance with Ramiro; responsive website
  8. Marian Kirby - Martial Arts & LMT; responsive website
  9. LMS Associates; responsive website
  10. Tesserae Genetics; responsive website
  11. Timothy Hill Law; responsive website
  12. The Art Life Way; responsive website
  13. Broadway Village HOA; website, html emails, documents; responsive website
  14. Cash 4 Machines; website
  15. Robinsons Karate; website
  16. Heritage Premium Assignment Company; website
  17. Learning Academy; website
  18. Athas for Mayor Campaign; website
Existing Websites and Print Work
  1. Walker Reprographics; responsive website
  2. Pleat 'N Go - pleaterboards; responsive website
  3. Silkpaint!; website
  4. Color and Kuts Hair Salon; website, business cards, flyers
  5. Teach With the Arts (Dana Proulx-Willis); website, business cards
  6. Corley Law Firm; website
  7. Rittman Law, LLC; website, logo
  8. Quilted in Clay; website, business cards, postcards, html emails, programs, instructions, illustrations
  9. SugarVeil; website, html emails,illustrations, brochures
  10. First Business Resources, Inc.; website, html emails
  11. Evans & Horton Roofing, L.P.
  12. Safe Money Assets; website, business cards, brochure - self maintained
Previous Websites and Print Work
  1. Patterson for Minnesota; website, door cards, html emails, logo, postcards
  2. Covingtons Nursery; website, html emails, product labels
  3. Dana Marie Designs; website - self maintained
  4. Under Analysis; website
  5. Elect and Re-Elect John Willis; website
  6. Dallas Ecological Foundation; website
  7. Ezy-Mount Products; website, html email
  8. Creative Drawings; website - self maintained
  9.; website - self maintained
  10. Austin Specialties; website, office forms - self maintained
  11. All City Fence; website
  12. Fit After 50; website, business cards, postcards
  13. Cricket Communications; website, business/post cards,
  14. Cakes in the Mail; website
  15. Farris Law; website
  16. Japanese Tractors and Mini Trucks; website