The Creative Process

Creating Your Project

The Website

What Do You Want the Website to Be?

First we need to find out what you want your website to do or be, and how many pages it's going to need. Here are four common type of websites:

  1. Brochureware - a website version of a business brochure
  2. Informational - providing information on a specific topic such as financal planning, handicrafts, a health issue, an organization, HOA, collecting etc.
  3. Ecommerce - you have products to sell
  4. Multi-Use - a combination of needs such as Informational and Ecommerce

Look and Feel

A look is created based on what you've said you need. This can include specific colors, logos, similarity to your existing company created look, menu items, layout, chosen photos, and many more items. Once everyone is satisfied with the basic look, we move on to...


At this point we will be coding your website. After several pages are created, you will have your first look at the site. If any major concerns arise, this will be the time to address them. While we are creating the pages, we are also doing full SEO optimization at the same time.

Proofing and Tweaking

Once all the pages are in place you, will be able to proof your site for content, missing information, photos, and just about every other aspect of the website. It's much more efficient to proof the entire website rather then do each page as it's finished.

W3 Standards and Testing

During the entire process we will be making certain that all HTML coding and CSS techniques are according to W3 standards. Your website will be tested on multiple platforms (desktop, laptop, tablets/iPad, mobile phones), and on at least five different Internet browsers to make sure is behaving correctly.

Going Live!

You're happy, we're happy - time to make the website live! We will do a final coding check and any needed tweaks, then upload the website to your web host. Time to celebrate!

The Printed Piece

What Is the Printed Piece For?

While simplier then a website, we still need to determine the purpose of the printed material.

  1. Office Materials - business cards, letterhead
  2. Postcards - for a specific event, a reminder, moving notice
  3. Brochure - informational, product specific, general information
  4. Flyers - special event, notice, sale etc

Look and Feel

A look is created based on your needs. This can include specific colors, logos, matching closely your existing company look or completely different, layout, photos (if needed), and whether it's black & white or full color.

Creating and Proofing

At this point we will create the actual piece(s) and send it (them) to you for proofing. Afterwhich any changes will be made and resent for a final proof.


We will generate a high-resolution PDF to be sent to either you or your printer of choice.